Jun 17 2014

Help with the Coman Tiebreak

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Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about the Coman Tiebreak called The Coman Tiebreak Demystified. In this post, I went into detail about how to play a Coman Tiebreak and included all the little rules and eccentricities that you don't even realize are issues until you run into them during gameplay.

The guidance that we are usually given regarding how to play a Coman Tiebreak goes something like this: "You play a Coman Tiebreak exactly as you would play a Standard Tiebreak but you switch sides after the first point and every 4 points thereafter." That guidance is true but is far less comprehensive that one might like. There are several little details to playing a tiebreak that always seem to catch players off guard. For instance, do you know who serves first after a Set tiebreak? Here's a hint: "It's probably not who you'd think."

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So, if you just want to dig down into all the gory details, please check out that post. If you're like me, though, and you'd like to also have that information with you when you go to the court, I've got a couple of great new options for you. First is my new iPhone/iPad/Android app called Tiebreak Helper. Tiebreak Helper works for both the Coman and Standard Tiebreaks and has all the details that you'll find in my post rearranged so that it's easier to follow when you're on the court. When you run the app, you just select the type of Tiebreak that you are playing (Standard or Coman, 7 point or 10 point, Set or Match) and then you just scroll to the section that applies and (hopefully) all your questions will be answered. The Android app is free but there's a small charge for the iPad/iPhone version. Take it for a spin and let me know what you think. Also, rate it in the appropriate App store if you get a chance. I can use all the good press I can get.

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Keep in mind that recent rule changes ban access to electronic devices during sanctioned match play so, unless your opponent agrees to let you use a device for this purpose, you'll need a backup plan. Enter my Coman Tiebreak Rule Cards. They have all the same information that the app has but in a handy (and USTA legal) 4x6 Index card size. Right now I have these listed out on ebay right now for $1.35/each plus shipping. Check them out! They're great for you to have for yourself or to give as gifts. They're also great give aways for tournaments, pro shops, and community tennis clubs. I'll be glad to put together a bulk discount if you're placing an order for 25 or more cards. There's also the possibility of customizing these with your club or tournament logo. Just let me know if you're interested and I'm sure we can put something together. I also have a Standard Tiebreak Rule Card available for the more traditional players. And keep in mind that the Mobile app works for both the Coman and the Standard tiebreaks, so that's an option as well.

So pick up a copy of the Tiebreak Helper App for iPhone/iPad/Android, my Coman Tiebreak Rule Card, my Standard Tiebreak Rule Card or a few of each and may the breaks be ever in your favour!

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