Aug 9 2013

Questions to Ask Your New Doubles Partner

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When reading through a great post on Doubles communication by Kim Selzman of on P.J. Simmons' The Road to 4.5 Tennis Blog, I realized that there is one aspect of on-court communication that doesn't typically get a lot of attention - the introduction.

You can read my thoughts about about the Six Key Questions to Ask Your New Doubles Partner over on P.J.s blog. Enjoy!

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Kim Kim says:

Clif - Your guest post was SO good and will really help me in my own doubles play.  But I can't even tell you how pleasantly surprised I was to read your very favorable comments to MY guest post in your article.  Thanks so much.  It means a lot to know that what I'm writing is helping someone with their game.  Your writing is definitely doing that for me.  Keep it up. - Kim

Clif Render Clif Render says:

Thanks, so much Kim! This was something that I've thought about on and off for a while but never thought about writing down until I read your article and it inspired me. Many thanks for the encouragement AND the great tennis tips!

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