About Us

This blog is aimed primarily at competitive adult league tennis players, captains, teaching pros, and anyone else interested in finding out more about playing the sport. While I occasionally touch on events taking place on the pro circuit, that is not the primary purpose of this blog. I'm not a sports journalist, a statistics geek, or a rabid fan - just a big kid who loves lechnology (i.e. toys) and loves to play. This blog is provided as an outreach of Hi-Fi Tennis.

My primary mission with Hi-Fi Tennis is to provide service, support and education to the tennis community and to serve as a technical resource for the tennis community with the end goal of making technology as understandable and available to the local tennis club and its players as it is to the majors and the top tier touring pros. Whether by blogging on tennis or technology topics or by providing full service web design, development and hosting, I want to be able to provide low cost (or no cost) service, education, and guidance to anyone in need.


Clif Render (Founder)

I grew up in a small farming town in Alabama that had never heard of Tennis. Somehow, though, I loved it anyway. I grew up up watching Courier, Sampras and Agassi playing in the US Open but without courts or other players nearby, my love for the sport went largely unrealized. My first job gave me my first opportunity to gain experience actually playing the game. I used my first paycheck to pay for a couple of lessons from a tennis pro in the nearest large city - Dothan, Alabama.

At the end of my second (and last) lesson with the pro there, he asked me what my goal was with tennis. Why did I want to learn to play? I had no idea what to say. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know what my options were. I knew that there was the US Open on TV and there was probably some college tennis somewhere and some High Schools might have it but I certainly didn't go to one of those High Schools. I didn't know that Junior Tennis or League Tennis even existed. In my mind, the only option I could see was to try to make it onto a small college tennis team somewhere. So I answered that I'd like to work hard and maybe be able to play a little college tennis one day. The pro laughed, said "That'll never happen. You need to be realistic." He then then turned around and walked off. My time was up and the pro had better things to do than to talk with some kid about things that he could never do. It would be a decade and a half before I was introduced to the idea of USTA League Tennis and re-introduced to the sport that I had loved in my youth.

As a young man in my early 30's recovering from back surgery and needing something active to do for exercise, I found out about the existence of USTA League Tennis and I have been hooked ever since. Because of my early negative experience, it is very important to me to help others come to learn as much as possible about the sport and find ways to enjoy it.

So I started Hi-Fi Tennis. As an IT professional, it seemed only natural for me to reach out to the tennis community with technical solutions, offerings, and advice. So, if you're a tennis pro, a facility owner or employee or just a lover of the game in need of help with something technical you're trying to do, please let me know. I'd love to help out. The advice is free and comes with the best interest of you and your community in mind. I can also provide paid services such as web design, development, and hosting but feel free to make use of the free advice whether you have need of paid services or not.